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Reaching For Milestones

That old saying that "Slow and steady Wins the race!" is so true. From our own experience, I know how poignant it can be for parents of children with special needs to cheer them on at every turn. And from reading the daily blog diaries of these parents, I share in their afterglow of pure joy at seeing our kids succeed. In our home, Sarah Bear continues to improve little by little. It seems like the smallest accomplishments take forever to achieve. And yet, when she hits a milestone, there is no better feeling in the world! Since Sarah was not predicted to do much at all, I take pleasure in the fact that she is proving the doctors WRONG!

Last week, Sarah started trying to crawl. After having worked on it for so long, it just happened -- at Sarah's pace! That's the thing. Sarah is ready when SHE is ready, and not before. While she undoubtedly has a strong will to do things, it's just on her schedule.

And so, she continues to improve with her undertanding of language, and can press a button on her toy when she wants to hear music (which she loves) . She also has started saying "Da Da," and even shouts "DONE!" when she finishes a meal. So, when I have my moments of "Why did this happen to Sarah?," I think about her smile and how she laughs when I tickle her. Then I remind myself what I said from the first day she became ill . . . if she can be happy, then that's truly all I need.