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Pennies For The Holidays

Do you hate the holiday “rush” as much as our family does? Especially now more than ever, trying to balance household needs with holiday gifts and charitable giving in rough economic times. Smart shopping means facing hard choices while trying to stretch every dollar, and even every penny.

Well, it’s official –- we're penny hoarders! We L-O-V-E them! And we now have an account at iGive.com where you can buy the things you need, save money with exclusive iGive coupons and deals, and benefit Sarah’s medical expense fund all at the same time! Pennies from heaven!

It's a free service, and you'll never pay more when you reach any of 700+ online stores you know and love in the iGive network. You'll find everything from daily necessities to special occasion and holiday gifts.

Here's how it works:

If this works for you, then save yourself a trip to the mall and avoid the long lines. Besides saving gas and time, you're helping us raise funds that are much needed and appreciated. [Note: iGive.com requires the name of an adult signatory when describing an account, so that's me, Sarah's Mom (Michele Pulaski) at Sarah Bear's Story.]

In closing, I was searching on the Web for some copyright-free images of pennies to decorate the "package" above, never dreaming that there are entire communities of numismatic penny hoarders and coin-stackers out there. Some of them specialize in building all manner of complex, cantilevered structures, made up of thousands of pennies. And some, like the "Penny Prankster," make really funny videos for good causes, like the one below.

Hey, we take pennies, too, but for used DME (that's durable medical equipment, where a pediatric wheelchair can cost as much as a car, actually). Remember, the places to go online are:

http://www.iGive.com/SarahBearsStory (for purchases), and

http://www.iSearchiGive.com/SarahBearsStory (click for pennies)

Thanks again!