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All About Sarah

by Sarah's Mom

Hi there! My name's Michele and I am Sarah's Mom. I am also mother to her two wonderful siblings -- Sarah’s twin brother, Joshua, and her younger, 9-month old sister, Emma. In addition to Sarah's challenges due to her brain injury as a newborn, my husband also battles a form of muscular dystrophy. As a family, we have had our abilities and resources tested, it's true (the "tattoos" of life), but we also share a lot of love and a lot of laughter. More than anything, I am grateful for my wonderful family, whose story is also Sarah Bear's. With lots of support from relatives and friends, we strive every day to make our children’s lives joyous ones, filled with opportunities, and wonderful memories.

Meet Sarah Bear

by Sarah Bear's Mom

Sarah was born a beautiful, and healthy baby on March 6th, 2007, along with her fraternal twin, her "big" brother (older only by one minute). Then, a little over a month later, on April 16, 2007, Sarah became very ill and we didn't know what was wrong. We rushed her to the hospital only to learn she had a life threatning case of meningitis due to a late on-set Group B Strep infection (GBS). Sarah's brain was swelling, but we hoped and prayed for a miracle that she would not be affected from this deadly infection. Unfortunately, Sarah's brain scan revealed a profound loss of brain tissue and her medical team predicted she would be at the level of a newborn for the rest of her life, if she even survived.

BUT!!!... (we like this part, hence the exclamation points)...

Not only did Sarah survive, she is doing far better (lots more!) than her doctors ever predicted, despite living and growing up with a seizure disorder, cerebral palsy, sensory integration disorder, developmental delays, and vision loss. In fact, this vivacious, little toddler girl is learning both to sit and stand up, gives sweet kisses (the best!), and even says a few words and hums various songs. We believe all of this is due to intensive early intervention and the love and encouragement of family and friends. For this, we are very thankful. Please help Sarah reach her full potential!


Within the next two years (2009-2011), we hope to meet our goal of raising $25,000 - $35,000 in order to fund three different treatments/therapies for Sarah that we believe will help her reach her fullest potential. Time is critical because most children make their greatest gains within the first three to five years of life. Unfortunately, health insurance does not recognize or cover any of these therapies from which Sarah, who is now two and a half years old, could benefit. They include:

*Currently available only in Europe, China, and elsewhere outside the US

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