Welcome to our blog! -- the place to be to learn about growing up with pediatric brain injury and a wonderful little girl named Sarah, as told by Sarah's Mom!

Connecting Socially

There's a lot to do on my "To Do" list, and one of these is to open a Twitter account so I can better spread the word to people -- friends and strangers alike -- about this blog for Sarah Bear. "Let them eats tweets!,"it has been said of Twitter, the microblogging service that lets one post and read fragmentary communications at high speed. This way I can leverage what sociologists call “ambient awareness” to describe this sense of physical proximity among users of digital media to publish updates on how Sarah's doing, new and alternative treatment possibilities, and research in the area of pediatric brain repair.

When all is said and done, tweeting makes it easy for folks to stay connected. And as if my self-promotion were not transparent enough already -- my TwitterID is "SarahBearsMom" -- I can't wait to plan our first "tweetups" (offline group meets of Tweople, as Twitter users are called) for auctions to benefit Sarah's special needs expense fund.