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Blogging for Sarah

Whew! Today's the day! I finally have a moment in which I can catch my breath, take a pause, and start a blog to tell my sweet Sarah Bear’s story (we call her Sarah Bear in the family because she is so cuddly!) Sometimes the rush of day-to-day activities in our household with three young children under age 3 can feel like trying to read a newspaper in a high wind.

A week or so, for example, we held our first sponsored drive to raise funds for Sarah's special needs expenses at Cici's Pizza! Donations to help pay for the treatments we seek to help heal Sarah’s brain injuries -- hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and stem cell replacement -- came to 15% of all customer receipts who mentioned Sarah specifically. Hmmmm! Not only was the pizza good, but our drive was a huge success, thanks to Cici's and all of our friends and supporters who turned out!