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The View From Pumpkinville

Well! Halloween is upon us, when "all the ghoulies and beasties go bump in the night!" (Oh my!) I wonder how many trick-or-treaters will be out tomorrow night for fun, fancy, and candy.
Here's the scene at Pumpkinville. where our family goes each year to shop for a pumpkin to carve, although we have yet to make toasted pumpkin seeds, which Sarah's daddy says are very good.

We'll be watching at our door, of course, to greet all the kids in our neighborhood tomorrow, hand out the goodies, and compliment everyone on their costumes. It's always so much fun to see imagination at work and what people decide on to wear. Last year, for example, Sarah and her twin brother, Joshua, dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Just two twins like two peas in a bucket! Here they are below:

Yep, we're pretty sure they're just . . . .