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"Let's Talk Live!" | News Channel 8

Wow! Yesterday was exciting. Sarah and I were guests on "Let's Talk Live!," a noon daily talk show hosted by Rebecca Cooper and Doug Mckelway weekdays. It was exciting to visit a real, live television studio backstage, and especially to be able to spread the word in our community on behalf of Sarah's family about our fundraising efforts to help meet some of Sarah's extraordinary medical expenses due to pediatric brain injury. Already we are working hard to line up sponsors and donations toward an online auction this Fall. All of the proceeds will go directly to Sarah's Special Needs Trust Account (as do donations made on this site. You need not have a PayPal account yourself to be able to donate using any major credit card).

Doug and Rebecca could not have been nicer or more attentive hosts. They also asked incisive questions that enabled Sarah and I to be a voice to spread awareness among other parents about the dangers of Group B streptococcal bacterial disease, or GBS for short. (Sarah caught it as meningitis as a young infant, resulting in profound brain deficits.) Below is our appearance on the show and talk on GBS. The heartfelt calls and e-mails that we have received after doing the show have been very moving and all of us in our family are very appreciative.

Credit: News Channel 8's Video Vault
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Anonymous said...

You were wonderful, Michele, and the baby was so good under the heat that I'm sure those studio lights must have produced. We'll be cheering you on!

CharlotteP said...

It was a great show...all the best to you and your family. Sorry about Sarah's getting meningitis.

Carolina said...

I can't view this video! I am so sad!